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Alan R. Earls - entertaining and informing audiences across

New England

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Topics for every interest:
  • The Blizzard of `78 (Alan has written two books on the epic event: Greater Boston’s Blizzard of 1978 and White Apocalypse)


  •  Anarchist attacks and Red Scare Repressions – A look back at the Red Scare years in Massachusetts (1919 -1921)


  •  Digital Equipment Corporation—One of most vital companies in the history of computing that once called Massachusetts home (Alan is author of Digital Equipment Corporation – Arcadia Publishing)


  •  US ARMY Natick Lab – an amazing history of research to benefit the American war fighter. (Alan is author of US Army Natick Lab – Arcadia Publishing)


  •  Massachusetts, the Library State – all about the firsts, the innovations, the architecture, and more!


  • The Rise and fall (and rise) of the Route 128 tech economy (Alan is author of Route 128 and the Birth of the Age of High Tech)

  • Mass. State Forests and the CCC – a look at how local foresight, often aided by the Depression-era “tree army” helped create our familiar and beloved state forests


  •  Michael Earl, S.J. – The Catholic Lion of early 20th Century American Literature. Well connected, prolific, and talented, Michael Earls was a key figure in the public life of the Catholic Church in the first third of the 20th century


  • The French Canadians in Massachusetts – an appreciation with a special focus on Southbridge, Mass.


  • The New Boston. Boston has arrived. But two generations ago, it was struggling. The New Boston was a catch phrase to describe the amazing transition engineered by entrepreneurs, city and state officials, and the federal government. Alan covered Boston redevelopment as editor of s/f magazine and has interviewed many of the key players of the past.


  • Detroit East – The Surprising History of Motor Vehicles in Massachusetts. Trucks, motorcycles, even the Rolls-Royce were once made in Mass., along with many important innovations.


  • The electric car, past, present and future – with a Massachusetts Perspective


  • The Great Stone Fleet: An unusual strategy for fighting the Confederacy hatched in Southeastern Massachusetts


  •  Springfield and Watertown; America’s arsenals of democracy (Alan is the author of Watertown Arsenal and Editor of the reprint edition of the official history)


  • Springfield Armory and the Birth of Precision Manufacturing


  •   Massachusetts Biomedical Industry: A surprising story of innovation and lives transformed

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For more info or to book ALAN, call 508 528 6930 or email


  •  "Alan Earls has been a featured speaker at numerous local events.  The topics of his programs are always relevant to the audience and he is well prepared and engaging. His stories and visual accompaniment  consistently result in an enjoyable and fascinating program.  He is flexible, reliable and a pleasure to work with. When the Franklin Newcomers advertise that Alan will be speaking; attendance for the event increases significantly.  I highly recommend Alan!" --     Karilyn Hammer, FRANKLIN NEWCOMERS, FRANKLIN, MA

  •  "Alan's trip down memory lane with newspaper and families photos is pure delight"-- EAST LYME HISTORICAL SOCIETY FEB. 2019  

  • The Franklin Historical Museum is happy to have historian Alan Earls as a repeat speaker in our Second Sunday Speaker Series.His research and presentations are always interesting and informative. We look forward to Alan returning to the museum for future talks and presentations. -- Mary Olsson, Chairperson FRANKLIN HISTORICAL MUSEUM


Personal Development topics

  • How to create your biography, memoir or book project. Alan has assisted many individuals and organizations in “telling their story.” He will show how easy it can be to get started --- and share techniques for bringing your book to completion.


  •  Divorce, Massachusetts Style – a non-lawyer primer on resources, attitudes and how to get started...

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