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Via Appia Press*

Consulting Writers and Publishers of Cutting Edge Books for a New Millennia


We look for stories that need telling and we bring them to the world.


If you have a story to tell. We can help.


Via Appia is research and writing professionals, assisted by a team of talented photographers and design professionals.


We can help you craft your story and get it in print or on the Web. We supply the missing pieces to help you tell your compelling story.


Via Appia can help businesses, non-profits and governmental organizations, and individuals. We even provide full, turnkey publishing services.

Why "Via Appia"?  The Via Appia (or Appian Way), was the  great Roman road that connected the city with the rest of the world. Much of it (as in the photo above) still exists today.  In homage to the strengths of the West's cultural heritage, Via Appia Press aims to connect people and ideas -- and you and your readers!
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