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Via Appia Press for Business


The story of an organization – how it got started, its values, and its commitment – is an essential element in success. Organizations that can articulate who they are and where they are going; for employees, funding organizations, partners, or the public are well on their way to winning hearts, minds, loyalty, and commitment.

However, few organizations take the time to document, organize, and present their story, relying instead on vague oral traditions, slogans, and anecdotes.

We can help. Via Appia Press is research and writing professionals, assisted by a team of talented photographers and design professionals, that help you craft your story and make it compelling, whether in the form of a booklet, book, or web site.

What better way to tell the world about your town, agency, or organization with a compelling “mission biography” that can serve as a training aid, fund-raising tool, and reference for years to come.

No two organizations are alike, but the process of telling a story is universal. You can schedule a no-obligation meeting to assess available resources, identify goals, and prepare a plan.

We can even work with you on a turnkey basis to produce a completed book or booklet as well as electronic resources that can be leveraged to strengthen your web site and make it unique.

And, we can provide realistic, cost-effective project pricing. We can even help explore sponsorships – a great way to support your history project while engaging with your community!

For more information, contact Alan Earls at 508-528-6930



Raytheon Company


Electronics and defense giant Raytheon had a storied past. When archivists looked for a way to share that history with employees and the public, Via Appia delivered. Combing through hundreds of photographs and documents, Via Appia “found” the essential story of the company’s first six decades and worked with a lifelong-company employee and other officials to produce,Raytheon Company: The First 60 Years, published by Arcadia in 2005.



Textile Manufacturer


Planning to celebrate its centennial, a Massachusetts company that evolved from making horse blankets to high-tech sound-damping and vibration controls, wanted to “get the word out.”  Via Appia provided editing and writing to prepare a manuscript for publication – and even tackled decades of dusty corporate records to craft a comprehensive catalog of key officers and directors over the whole life of the firm.




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