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Via Appia for Individuals


Do you have a story? Whether it's an autobiography, a management or professional book, or something else entirely, putting it in book form boosts your credibility.  Telling the story of who you are and what you believe can't be done better than by "writing the book" on the subject.

However, for most people, the organizational challenge and time commitment needed to craft a book is prohibitive.

We can help. Via Appia Press is research and writing professionals, assisted by a team of talented photographers and design professionals, that help you craft your story and make it compelling, whether in the form of a booklet, book, or web site.

What better way to tell the world about you and what matters to you than with the authority of your own book title. Books have lasting value and long "shelf life." And because they are recognized as substantial achievements, you and your message will get noticed!

You can schedule a no-obligation meeting to assess available resources, identify goals, and prepare a plan.

We can even work with you on a turnkey basis to produce a completed book or booklet as well as electronic resources that can be leveraged to strengthen your web site and make it unique.

And, we can provide realistic, cost-effective project pricing.

For more information, contact Alan Earls at 508-528-6930



Dr. Robert E. Wise

The retired CEO of a the internationally known Lahey Clinic, of Burlington, Mass., wanted to complete a 90-year history of the organization, emphasizing its growth and development since the 1950s. Via Appia supplied research and editing support over a four-year period, leading to publication of the completed book in 2012.



Blue Angel on a Mission


When a retired US Navy aviator sought help in translating his experiences as an officer and member of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team into lessons for management, Via Appia flew to the rescue. For over a year, we provided in-person and remote support, as well as writing and editing, resulting in a completed manuscript for the client to shop to publishers.



Sharing Lessons Learned

An owner of a small technology company wanted to share the secrets of her success -- and help others avoid her mistakes.  We edited, critiqued, and then add the ingredients needed to make her words sizzle.


An Extra Deep Dive

When a passionate author wanted to finally turn his two decades of research on a prominent tech innovator into a finished book, Via Appia helped provide an organizaing structure and historical connective tissue to help readers navigate through a complex story.


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